Venues, Tags & Regions

Venues TAG: Venues play a crucial role in helping users identify the physical locations where events take place. Whether it's a community center, a memorial site, a veterans' association hall, or any other venue associated with veteran-related events, our platform highlights these venues. By providing clear and concise information about the event's location, we facilitate easy access and participation for veterans and their supporters.

Organization TAG : To further enhance collaboration and streamline event management, trusted members of Veteran Service Organizations or organizations associated with specific locations can be granted limited admin rights over event approval for their events on the calendar. This allows them to directly add and manage events linked to their organization or location, ensuring accurate representation and timely updates.

Getting a Venue or Organization Tag Set Up:  If you are interested in getting a venue or a tag set up for your organization or location, we encourage you to email the information required below to us at Our team correspond with you to train and guide you through the process of setting up a venue or tag to ensure seamless integration into our platform.  

  • Required information for a Venue or Organization Tag: 
  • Organizations or Venues - Primary POC  Name , email , phone number 
  • Organizations or Venues Name , address , contact info, website and any details you would like to share to the public about it ( a Short bio on the Venue or Organization is ideal ) .